Night sky at Hokkaido, Japan

Home sweet home New development.

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Saving Private Ryan

Golden fried rice at Comic Restaurant.

Welcome to amazing Garden By The Bay in Singapore!

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Beautiful Chinese style living area. Don't miss it...

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Bonsai in the garden.

Cartoon theme flight ready to fly...

Oriental antique style furniture

Don't disappoint the dog :)

Beautiful Greatwall in the evening.

Red Christmas tree

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Office rooms in Singapore

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Fried flying fish in Taiwan restaurant.

Viewer statistic is available now in View Stat button on the pin page:

Redeem button only visible if you balance is >=100 but right now I have made it visible to all users so that you can test. If user has any pending redeem request then he/she cant request for another redeem until last transaction completes.

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  • Isaiah Choo
    Isaiah Choo Will put Redeem button visible all time. But when user clicks, if balance less than $100, then alert the user that minimum redemption is $100 or above at anytime.