Carousell Chief talking about technology at RISE 2017

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Crunchbase talk at RISE 2017

SGinnovative Chief Steve Leonard at RISE 2017

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Airbus Chief at RISE 2017 Day 3.

Razer Chief at RISE 2017 on Day 2.

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Surviving An Acquisition by Jixun Foo of GGV Capital at RISE 2017, Day 3.

VC talk at RISE 2017

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Gary Vaynerchuk at RISE 2017, Day 1. Thanks for your very impressive talk!

Meeting with Click Ventures in RISE 2017. Well done all.

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Q & A session at RISE 2017 Day 1

Money Conference at RISE 2017

Welcome to RISE 2017, Day 1

Saving Private Ryan

Golden fried rice at Comic Restaurant.

Welcome to amazing Garden By The Bay in Singapore!

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Beautiful Chinese style living area. Don't miss it...

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